Dukan Diet; Day 2

Day two was much easier but still frustrating.  The diet strongly encourages you to not participate in any competitive sports for the first two days…so I played 18 holes of golf against my boss, father, and co-worker for money.  I see why they say not to, I was exhausted and had no patience for the game…however I did nail a 215 yard 3 iron with backspin onto the 18th green through high winds to then 2 put for par…not bad.

I kicked the day off with some simple scrambled eggs and lean turkey sausage.  For lunch I had a seasoned chicken breast and a burger patty with dijon mustard.  Golf was rough, but my wife had made me some spicy shrimp to snack on when I felt hungry which was awesome.  Dinner was the hardest.  My co-worker (on the same diet) was his first day on the next phase and got to eat vegetables.  My boss and dad plowed through a dish that looked delicious, drank wine, and had bread rolls.  Mmmmmm…bread rolls.  I had a little cornish hen, simple grilled salmon, and another burger patty with mustard (they really are delicious).  Upon exiting the club it pained me to not get a handful of sourballs which sit at the hostess stand.

I had my galettes as a snack later at home and literally pulled myself up the stairs to make it to the bedroom.  Exhaustion is insane.  I could barely move…and I’m a hyperactive person.  Throughout the night I got up 8 times for a quick trip to the bathroom, I had consumed a plethora of water and it needed somewhere to go!

It was tiring and the texture of meat is starting to become tiresome.  Tonight I am switching to tofu just to get a different texture.  I miss vegetables, but a little raw onion with a burger patty is delicious and adds some good crisp texture!  I miss potatoes.  I miss Oreos.  The scale has tipped 4 pounds in my favor…and so it begins.

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