Keep Your Socks On!

Max continues to develop at an extremely rapid rate, performing tasks that are months ahead of his peers.  They sound simple but his ability to stand, point with one finger, play peek-a-boo, and use tools such as a spoon are not common at 8 months…especially when you consider he has been doing all of those for a while.  There is one skill however that every baby seems to learn…how to lose their socks.

Today Kate and I put Max in his car seat and donned his tiny feet with black tube socks.  His first order fo business was to grab his foot to see what had happened.  I distracted him with a toy, kissed Kate goodbye, and loaded Max into the car for our drive to daycare.  Upon arriving I found Max asleep in his car seat with one black sock draped across his face.

How do you keep socks on a baby?  Duct Tape?  Staples?  Relax…tiny staples.  Glue perhaps?  I’m trying glue and staples.

5 thoughts on “Keep Your Socks On!

  1. My best advice for keeping on socks is to also have Max wear Robeez! They are super comfortable, just like socks … but have nice tight elastic on them. Lots of fun patterns at I’m sure Grandma would have fun picking out a pair!

  2. I can’t believe he’s eight months old already! We pretty much didn’t put socks on any of our kids as long as they were at home, and when we went out, shoes WITH NO LACES seemed to keep the socks on just fine (for the most part).

    This post put a smile on my face, so thank you!

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