Our First Home

Yesterday Kate and I signed the title on our new home…our first house!  It was truly anticlimactic.  We reviewed a bunch of paperwork which we meticulously signed, dated and initialed as Max cooed happily in our friend (the seller) Amy’s arms.  Then, the title agent said… “and that pretty much does it.”  And we were home owners.  Weird.  I think there should be a piece of paper at the bottom of that stack that has giant letters in bold that reads:


But that sheet of paper doesn’t exist.  Just a formal handshake at the bottom of a stack of daunting policies.  Tada!

I stopped off at the office after to finish up one last piece of work and then motored over to my new house in Crown Heights.  We bought the house from our friend Amy without a real estate agent which was awesome as we got to do all our negotiating and discussions over wine and Max-watching.  Yesterday was the first time we had ever seen the house without furniture in it and our minds started envisioning the painting and furniture arranging we would soon do.  My parents arrived with champagne and caviar, Heroes chef Charles Franklin dropped off steaks and delicious accoutrements, and we dined on the only piece of furniture we had there; the patio furniture.  Max played in the back yard, the same yard where he stood for the very first time and where Luna (the cat) will soon lounge in sunbeams.

The idea of moving again is simply terrible…but the knowledge that this will be the last one for a while puts me at ease.  In the past 10 years I have moved 10 times…twice across country and once to the middle coast; Kansas.  It is time to purge all that crap I have been lugging around for a couple moves without ever unpacking.  Its time to unpack the china.  Its time to finally feel like we are home.

So long rickety doors.  So long plain white walls.  So long no outdoor space.  So long landlords.  So long crappy bathtub hardware.  So long rent.  Hello home.

Ryan and Max in the yard while throwing away an old toilet.

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