8 Months Old

Dear Max,

You are 8 months old today and I wanted to tell you a little about yourself from the eyes of your father, hopefully you will read this when you are older.

When you were born you literally came out smiling.  Of course you cried like any newborn will but the second you heard my voice, as I sang to you in the delivery room, you hushed immediately and locked eyes with me.  You held your head up with your tiny neck muscles and smiled at me…you smiled!  You were only 5 minutes old and there you were smiling and looking right at me…and you haven’t stopped for 8 months straight.  You are the happiest baby I have ever met.  Everywhere you go people say the same thing, “oh my gosh look at those eyes!”  You have my eyes; steel green…but what makes yours insanely adorable are your eyelashes which seem to stretch longer than humanly imaginable.  You also look people straight in the eye, and unlike other babies, you then oblige them with a flirtatious smile to let them know, “yes…I am the cutest baby in the world.”

You have 4 teeth, your top two and bottom two, which came in rapidly with a vengeance causing fevers and frustration.  You stood and crawled on the same day at 4 months setting a trend of always doing things way ahead of plan…sometimes even freaking the doctor out by how advanced you are.  You’ve been on solid food for a while now and pears are clearly your favorite, though Cheerios are fun because you like to feed yourself.  You’ve been babbling for a while but “Dada” was your first word and you say it every time I walk in the room and my heart melts every single time.  You sit at the dinner table with us and are delightful to dine with, you love day care and are learning tons of skills, and Mommy is hands down your bestest friend.  You are starting to walk – 6 steps is the most you have done, however when grasping onto something you can (and do) walk everywhere.  You have figured out how fast a crawler you are and therefore often opt for crawling instead to make a fast break for something.  You have gotten better about not grabbing the cat and trying to yank her fur out…she has not forgotten when you grabbed her and yanked her fur out!  I taught you how to go up steps and now every chance you get you make a break for the stairs and start climbing them.  You have your mother’s hair, soft flowing blond hair.  Your eyes water when you poop and you grunt like you are lifting a 1 ton weight.  Bath time with Mommy is fun but you also love shower time with Daddy…you had to shower today because last night you took a handful of salmon and rubbed it into your hair.  Your favorite game is peek-a-boo which we play often with a napkin or a blanket…you then grab the blanket and show how you can play the game with us.  You have started liking going on bike rides with us but the helmet is still too big for your tiny head and frustrates you when it falls forward over your eyes.  This weekend you rode in the shopping cart at the grocery store like a big boy (no car seat) and we invented a new game where I push the cart away, wave to you, then rush over and grab the handle and push again…which you greet with loud cackling laughter.

You Love Pears!

To sum you up at 8 months is too hard to do, you are doing so many things and are changing every day.  I keep having dreams about you where you start talking…I cannot wait for that to happen in reality.  I’m your dad so I know you pretty well, but I can’t wait to get to know you better and hear what you have to say.  I don’t need to hear you say this to know you feel it, you love me…and I love you…more than you may ever know.  I see commercials that have a parenting theme to them and I start tearing up…its strange…you have changed me in such a good way.  You are the happiest little person ever.  I look forward to every minute I get to spend with you and think about you when I’m not with you.  You are simply put, and amazing son.

Daddy loves you, happy 8 month birthday Max.

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