Front Teeth, Fevers, and Temper Tantrums

After being gone for a week I was so excited to see Max (who is 7 months old now).  When I left for my business trip he had gotten his first cold and was sneezing long streams of disgusting yellow snot from his tiny nostrils as I walked down the jet-way with a giant pile of guilt in my heart.  Why guilt?  Because Kate was stuck tending to him as I toddled off to Virginia for a week.  I could already see her getting worn down (patience) as Max has an uncanny knack for making her feel like nothing more than a food source and his sole source of entertainment.  Being the good parent, wife, friend that she is…she cancelled her classes she was scheduled to teach and drove me to the airport.

I returned on Sunday to Wichita to a wife that needed a break, a son who was now dealing with front teeth coming in, and Max’s cold had at last taken hold of my sinuses and rendered me lethargic and hazy.  Being a man and having a lower pain threshold…I camped out on the couch for two days in my pajamas and napped as frequently as possible.  NyQuil, Mucinex, soup, sleep…I drifted off into expectorant and Phenylephrine induced dreams filled with fever-induced visions of being at the office in my underwear, running from a murderous Will Ferrel, and buying cars that looked like Tanks mounted to the body of a Ferrari.

Yesterday I awoke from my NyQuil filled sleep and for the first time really saw what happened while I was away for the week…Max grew up a bunch.  The shape of his face was different; he had chubby cheeks.  His expressions were more clear and his eyes were now a more greenish-grey…like mine.  He looked completely different.  I’m not sure if his cheeks are getting fatter of if he is swollen from his new teeth coming in but I tell you his face has changed drastically in the last week.  Not like “hey Kate, I think you picked up the wrong kid from day care.”  More like, “Did I fall into a black hole in Virginia where space and time was thrown out of whack leaving me to feel like only one week had passed when in fact it was one month?!!!”  It seems to be the teething.

Max has been running a fever of about 99 – 101 for the past few days and randomly crying in frustration while reaching for his ear.  Ear ache?  No, doc says its pretty common for teething.  We’ve been giving him Children’s Tylenol, teething rings, and today his had these rice puff things that are like Cheerios…it was awesome!  First time he fed himself…kind of.  He’s fussy non-stop, he’s clearly in pain, he’s not sleeping, Kate is getting frustrated, and the day care people keep calling me to come give him more Tylenol (because they legally can’t).  Luckily, the in-laws are coming this weekend so we will have a few extra hands to help out.  Nan and Grandpa!  Yaaaay!!!

Its the front teeth.  Everyone says they are the most painful coming in.  Frozen waffles, teething gel, Cheerios…what have you guys used in the past that helps with teething?  We’ve been taking him to the park and letting him swing…he cackles like crazy and loves it.  Ahh the simple things in life.

Max's First Time On A Swing

5 thoughts on “Front Teeth, Fevers, and Temper Tantrums

  1. Hmm, I’ve been told that the molars are the worst. The front teeth are pretty sharp and cut in fairly well. Holly’s got the two bottom front in and the top two are working their way down. She chews mostly…teethers, non-teethers it all goes in the mouth. My brother was successful with the pressing down on their gums technique.

  2. Hi, just came across your blog, I’d love to share some input. My sons moving on to his third pair of teeth. These Munchkin Mesh feeders are such a great help while baby’s are awake. My son loved frozen fruit; usually used bananas, apples and peaches. Anything really. You can use the fruit or veggies fresh as well. And just remember, it’s over before you know it! Hang in there.

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