Max’s First Cold

From Mixedplateblog.comYesterday Kate and I noticed a tiny white nub on Max’s upper gum…his third tooth is pushing through this week (front right tooth).  He has been irritable, warm, and drooling like a crazy man.  So last night when he slept terribly we chalked it up to this.  He thrashed all night, constantly babbling in his sleep and grasping at imaginary objects in the air.  Every two hours he was up crying.  It was a rough night.

Kate has to teach all day today and I am in the airport right now waiting to board my flight for a week long business trip.  At 6-something AM we were woken up by the phone…a wrong number.  Alarms were slapped, over sleeping took place, and suddenly Max was up and wailing in his crib.  When I went in to get him his upper lip was coated in hardened yellow snot.  Each tear forced bubbles and streams of yellow mucus out of his tiny nostrils.  This kid was sick.

After a few wet-wipes to the face (not greeted with smiles) we took his temperature; 100.4.  Sick day.  Unfortunately that responsibility falls on Kate since I have to fly and my schedule cannot compromise today.  I feel terrible.  I’m going to be gone for a week and Kate is left at home tending to a sick child while her teaching job is in jeopardy because she is canceling classes in the second week of the semester.  We were hopeful that the mucus was a sign of teething…but the yellowness of it says otherwise.  Max’s first cold.

Sorry Kate.

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