Max Walks

Max's Newborn Footprint

This morning I dropped Max off at day care and wished him a happy birthday before heading to work.  As usual, Max could care less that I was leaving and was overly excited to see his playmates Luke and Olivia.  He made a break for the light-up piano and I was out of his thoughts.  Its his 7 month birthday today.  7 months!  Man this year is breezing by!  I had a hectic day at the office as I prep for my week long trip to Bristol, VA so I did not have the opportunity to swing by day care at lunch and say hi.

Its quittin’ time, I’ve got parties to attend, and packing to do.  Kate just called, “Max took two steps!!!”  I was shocked even though its been inevitible.  Kate continued, “I walked into his day care room and he stood up, took two steps towards me, stopped, and then fell over!”  I sadly replied, “I missed it.”  Kate reminded me “I’m sure you’ll see it plenty of times tonight.”

My buddy Ben has two kids, Brody his son is a few years older than Max, so it is great to get advice from Ben about parenting.  On this matter he told me, “Its weird…you spend months trying to help them do something, then years trying to get them to stop. Shut up. Sit Down. Quit it!”

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