Max Starts Day Care

Max Meets His New Playmates

Today was Max’s first day of school…well…day care.  Kate and I had searched around and decided on a place that embodied many of the things we were looking for and was close to where I work.  This is all very exciting for me because it means I get to have some great father-son time every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning when I take him to school before heading to work.  Fall semester is upon us and Kate is now teaching at both Friends University and Wichita State University so day care was a must, plus the social interaction is going to be HUGE for him because as of right now…he’s kind of a Mama’s boy.

We slipped off our shoes (classroom policy) before entering Max’s classroom to meet with Ms. Sarah and introduce Max to his new playmates Olivia and Luke.  Max likes Olivia, and when Olivia started gently petting Max’s hair we assumed she liked him too…then she left him for Luke.  Max gave chase but Luke beaned him in the face with a block…and here endeth the lesson on girls.

Olivia and Luke are adorable and Max seems very happy to be in a room filled with toys and playmates.  There is a 3-1 ratio of kids to caregiver, the atmosphere is really fun, and I am so excited for him and all the skills he is going to learn by interacting with other kids his age.  Then it was time for Kate and I to leave…and Max didn’t seem to mind.  Obviously Max cannot talk but this is how the goodbye conversation went down between us – turning Max’s body language into words.

Ryan: Okay buddy, Mommy and I have to go now.

Max: Okay. Bye.

Ryan: Okay, you’ll be fine.

Max: Yup. Bye.

Kate: We love you.

Max: Okay.

Ryan: We’ll miss you.

May: Bye.

Kate: We’re leaving now, have fun.

Max: Uh huh. Bye.

Ryan: Daddy is just down the street and can be here whenever…

Max: Ooh! A big purple thing!

Max leaves the conversation and goes to the big purple thing.  Kate and I hang our heads and exit the classroom…sadness washes over us.  Neither of us expected to be so sad, we leave him with baby sitters all the time but this was such a blasé goodbye that we felt completely rejected.  Right now he’s probably having the time of his life.  I wonder if he’ll remember who we are at the end of the day?  Maybe I’ll go have lunch over there.  I miss Max.

Max's New Girlfriend Olivia

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