Max’s Best New Word

For weeks, Max has been toddling around the house going “Mamamamama…” as he takes care of all the important items on his to do list such as:

  1. Terrorizing the cat
  2. Playing with his blocks
  3. Trying to eat his feet
  4. Working on his toy laptop
  5. Awkwardly standing

He also can say things like “Ba,” make raspberries, and “Wowowow…”  This week he finally did me right and said “Dada.”  Bout time buddy!  You were killing me!  Like with “Mama,” he knows it is a word but has a hard time assigning it to me specifically and mostly just goes “Dadadadadada…”  However, he has begun making his respective Mama and Dada sounds depending on who is in the room.  I’m pretty sure he is working on “cat” right now.

"No time to crawl Dada, I want to stand!"

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