Gasoline Sucks

Since moving back to Wichita I have found myself slowly shifting back into the person I was in 1995 when I left here.  My accent is returning, the way I dress, and the things I desire…such as gas guzzling automobiles with large tires meant for gripping mud ‘n stuff.  I miss my Bronco terribly and feel like a fat man in a clown car every time I get in my little Subaru wagon.  I love that Subaru.  I filled it up for the first time in 2 weeks and I have been driving this thing back and forth from downtown and my office numerous times with the AC blasting during this heat wave.  It has a 14 gallon tank and this morning it took 13.837 gallons of gas…cutting it a bit close.  My dad would have scolded me as a teen during his routine checks to see where my sister and I had our gas levels at.  “Think of a quarter tank as empty, never go below that…or you are out of gas.”  Those words have rung true in my head my whole life and that quarter tank line has always represented empty for me…but same as I tell my alarm to go f**k itself every morning and ignore its whinny tale…I have been great at ignoring the level of gas in my car and dangerously riding the line of stalling during this summer of ridiculous gas prices.  In my head I am making gas more affordable by waiting till the bitter end somehow.  As if by waiting it aligns better with our finances.  Kate’s grandfather would have said something like, “It is just as easy to keep a car with a full tank as it is a car with a half a tank.”  Something like that.  Its true…but gas sucks.

My buddy Joe has an old Chevelle that runs on jet fuel.  Jet fuel!  Well, something like jet fuel, it is a drag racer.  He just bought a Harley and I have been dying to go riding with him but alas, I have no motorcycle…just a bike…and it is too hot to peddle anywhere right now.  I have been craving the days of driving a truck but I also want a convertible, so I have been searching for a mid 70’s Bronco in decent shape; my dream car.  A motorcycle is very possible in my near future though a scooter is more likely (Kate can drive it too).  I loved having a moped when we lived in California, it got 100 mpg and was a ton of fun to put-put around on.  I have an 1984 Garelli sitting in a garage in NY I keep meaning to put a little work into and get street legal but I haven’t had the time.  It gets about 60 mpg and is much faster than the Kinetic I had in Cali.

Looking for a Mid 70's Bronco

I am desiring two wheels and a motor again…but this time I want something bigger and more road ready.  I think it is time to get a used motorcycle for commuting to work in the fall and spring.  No wind in my hair though because even though you do not legally have to wear a helmet in Kansas…you can bet I will be.  People drive like idiots here.

My 1984 Garelli

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