Baby First: Standing

Yesterday Kate and I were walking through what will be our backyard as soon as we are done closing on this house. Max sat in the middle of the yard surrounded in green and we basked in the comfort of knowing he had a safe place to play. Then, suddenly…Max stood up. He’s been standing for a while now with the assistance of stationary objects but this was completely different. He just stood up. So there we were, Kate and I, standing in the yard and staring at Max…who was himself standing and staring at us. What felt like an eternity was probably about 5-10 seconds, and then he simply sat down.

Walking is surely around the corner which is scary. Seeing him stand was amazing, there was nothing awkward or tentative about it. He wanted to stand so he stood, at 6 months and 10 days old. My little baby keeps growing up.

2 thoughts on “Baby First: Standing

  1. wow!!!! Well you both won’t need to go to a gym for your workout! hold on to your hats….you’re in for quite a ride!!!!!! MOM

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