At My Wit’s End

I’ve had it, I’ve had it, I’ve had it. I spend less than 10 minutes with my family in the morning before work and come home to a child that screams bloody murder if I give him a bath and will only go to sleep for his mother. I spend about thirty minutes with him before he and Kate go upstairs and then it’s just me and the TV. When he wakes up in the night he refuses to go back to sleep if I go to him and squirms like crazy and lashes out for his mother. He likes me on weekends…but not weeknights. The result, I don’t want to participate in any of his daily routine and Kate and I argue. Awesome. This is so good for my marriage.

I don’t understand how I can love and hate someone so much. Max you are so cute and amazing and annoying. Little shit…I love you.

I’m at my wits end and feel like anything and everything may set me off, I feel my temper building inside me and occasionally spurting out for a few brief moments. I need an outlet. I need something to release my anger on to. I suppose attacking my fatness at the gym is the right thing to do but I was thinking something more like joining a gun club. How Midwestern of me.

I feel like a paycheck. Get up, go to work, come home, chores, Max doesn’t want me, and Kate doesn’t need me, go to bed. Get up. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Paycheck. Repeat. Repeat…


4 thoughts on “At My Wit’s End

  1. I think you are telling a very classic story. maybe take a second look at all the family jobs collectively, then split them up realistically to suit this phase of life (including Max jobs). It is just a phase. And, importantly, slip in a once a week Date Night!!!!!!!


  2. This situation is so familiar to me, and all parents I’m sure, though so many won’t admit their frustration. We all feel useless at certain points, or like we’re failing, or we’re just terrible people for being mad at our own kids when they’re so small. But when this little phase of Max’s passes and you’re the one he wants again (and trust me, it WILL happen, they go back and forth so often), you’ll forget all about how crappy you’re feeling at this point. My boy is my little shadow this week, giving away hugs and kisses and smiles for free, but last week, he wanted nothing to do with me and only lit up when Daddy came home. It’s just the nature of the tiny little beast.

  3. It’s an organic process Papa-san! Ryan, you can bet on this – there will come a period in Max’s baby-toddler-hood that he will only – ONLY be made happy by his Daddy, leaving Mom (sorry Kate) in the dust. This is a guarantee – not that you need to wait for that day to come, something about mummy’s smell, that awesome bosom and all that animal stuff. When the day comes that you and he are fishing together and he is asking you about rockets, robots and why why why – he certainly will have no memory of preferring Mummy’s blanket tucking touch in the middle of the night to yours. I swear on it. ~Stacy

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