Holy Crap…We’re Buying A House

One thought on “Holy Crap…We’re Buying A House

  1. you just threw me back in time to our first house in Wilmette, IL.: a cobblestone street, block parties, wonderful neighbors ( a few with whom we still exchange christmas cards) , but most of all, a beginning. The beginning of us as a family meeting many other families: coming out on our lawns with coffee cups, or rakes, or shovels, or hoses and sharing friendly catch-up, news and gossip. We started all over again, Ryan, when you were born in a wonderful neighborhood in Wichita. Lots of playing in yards and creeks , and spontaneous barbeques or sleep overs. And I think of wonderful small town, Vinton, where kate grew up and I can almost picture the arc of her childhood. These beginnings are cherishable. Some of these people might be your friends for a life time, and for Max….who knows, his lifetime best friend might be right there! A toast to this new beginning. I am so happy for you, Mom

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