Happy Birthday Max!

Today Max is 6 months old, a staple in the first year of his life and a date that seemed so far away in January.  The past 6 months have gone by so quickly and it is amazing how much he has grown in such a short period of time.  So far, here is some of the things we know about Max:

  1. He likes pumpkin
  2. He hates zucchini
  3. He crosses his eyes when he poops
  4. He is ticklish in his armpits
  5. The cat makes him laugh
  6. He is in love with his nephew Jake
  7. He always tries to eat our friend Emily’s face
  8. He is a morning person
  9. Pacifiers annoy him
  10. Toes are fascinating
  11. He hates to sit still
  12. He prefers to sleep on his back
  13. He is fast to crawl
  14. He is fast to stand
  15. He has 2 teeth and another on the way
  16. His first word was “Ma Ma”
  17. His second word was “Ba”
  18. He kind of understands how to high-five
  19. He is an explorer
  20. He likes to climb up things
  21. He has been on 17 different airplanes
  22. He has been on 4 road trips
  23. He likes watching Wii golf
  24. He kind of gets object permanence
  25. He grabs everything in arm’s reach
  26. His highest fever was 100 degrees
  27. He has big feet
  28. He loves both the pool and the lake
  29. He is not good at going under water
  30. His hair seems to be strawberry blonde
  31. He is a very happy baby
  32. He is comfortable with new people
  33. He loves his mommy
  34. His daddy makes him laugh
  35. He poses for cameras

The list goes on, but these were the things that came to mind.  So hard to believe a year ago I was stressing so much about pregnancy, the birth, and the potential new role of “father” I would be playing.  That was a 9 month chunk of my life…these 6 months have been the beginning of the rest of my life…and my life is great.  Fatherhood certainly changed me, but not how you think it might.  I’m still 100% me, I just have new priorities.  Can’t believe it has been 6 months!

Slow down Max, let me hold you in my arms a little longer and kiss your beautiful forehead.  Daddy loves you and always will.  You are so much fun.


Max Loves Pumpkin
Happy Boy At The Dinner Table

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