Bonk! Bonk! Bonk!!!

Mobile Max

Mobile Max has been a new challenge in parenting as he is constanly in motion.  While his crawling abilities are awesome he does not flaunt them often, however he can often be found standing with the assistance of any solid object such as a coffee table, chair, or even just a wall.  He aquired this skill (standing) the same day he began crawling about a month and a half ago and has decided to skip GO and collect $200…this kid is going to walk any day now.  When he wakes up in the middle of the night he is found standing in his crib waiting to be rescued.  When the cat enters the room there is no raised surface anymore where she is safe from his reach.  His favorite playpen game is to pull himself up and while holding on to the top, walk circles around the edge of the playpen.  Is that a chair?  No…its a crutch to pull himslef up on.  Oh all those books we used to have on our bookshelf?  Those are Max’s now.  That wall over there with pillows against it?  Max.  All the while toddling around saying “Ma ma!  Ba!  Ba!  Mmmmmah!  Wow wow wow.  Oooooo!”  Then he blows bubbles, laughs, and farts.  Strange creature.

When these skills developed so did the affinity to fall over and go bonk!  We were constantly walking behind him with our arms held out ready to catch him when he fell…which he inevitably did every time.  In the past few weeks he developed more skills; the ability to catch himself while falling and sit down instead – drastically reducing the bonks.  He has had some impressive one footed spins, slips that don’t result in tears, and the scary realization that he is learning how to scoot backwards off the couch to get down to the floor.  However, these are still learning skills and come with errs and thus…bonk-bonks.

Kate and I must look like terrible parents when we go out in the world as Max seems to always have a black eye or a goose egg.  This morning while Kate was changing his diaper he thrashed and flung himslef face-first into the wood rim around his changing station resulting in massive tears and a hearty bump on the side of the noggin.  He is currently sporting a large blood blister under his upper lip from a faceplant fall that drove his two new bottom teeth into his lip.  Two weeks ago he gave himself a gash under his eye when he fell face-first into the zipper of his shirt.  Everytime he cries for a few minutes…then calms himself…and goes right back to what he was doing prior to the bonk without fear and with a new skill under his belt.

The realization that the house needs to be seriously Max-proofed is upon me, this kid is simply doing everything early.

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