Birthday Week

Kate makes fun of me because I like to draw out my birthday as long as possible and use it as an excuse to be lazy and get favors.  I do this by instituting the “BIRTHDAY WEEK” rule which means you get special privileges the week of your birthday such as…

  • Having dinner brought out to you
  • Not having to do the dishes
  • Full control of the TV remote
  • Laziness allowances
  • Etc.

When the BIRTHDAY WEEK begins is often a question and the answer is simple; as soon as you remember, decide to start calling it that, or seems logical in the BIRTHDAY WEEK-er’s older, superior mind.  For example if your birthday was on a Wednesday one would think that Monday would be the beginning of the BIRTHDAY WEEK and this would be correct…IF…the BIRTHDAY WEEK-er started reaping benefits on Monday.  You could start it on Sunday to have control of the OnDemand movie if you like or wait till Wednesday and kick off your week with your birthday.  Should no privileges be reaped prior to the birthday there are seven days in which you can still claim it to be your BIRTHDAY WEEK but if you can convince your partner to start it 2-3 days after that is cool too.  The BIRTHDAY WEEK ends after 7 days unless you can stretch it out a bit, meaning if your BIRTHDAY WEEK started on Sunday morning it should conclude the following Saturday…unless you play it cool and keep it rolling through Sunday…or Monday…that’s awesome.

I have tried BIRTHDAY MONTH in the past and it is not greeted with enthusiasm so I suggest sticking to BIRTHDAY WEEK.  Earlier this year I asked Kate for a favor – she shot me the I’m not amused look.  I then replied, “Please…it’s my BIRTHDAY YEAR.”  The outcome was favorable though it has not worked since.

One thought on “Birthday Week

  1. When my children disliked waiting all year for the next birthday, we started celebrating HALF-BIRTHDAYS. There is no reason why this can’t also apply to adults, so Happy Half-Birthday, Ryan, next January 19th!

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