Uncle Boo Boo

Jake and Boo Boo (2009)

Since childhood my family has called me Ry Boo, Boo Boo, or simply Boo.  When my nephew was born six and half years ago it was only natural that I become Uncle Boo Boo.  Jake is one of my most favorite people in the world and a major reason what I wanted to become a father; I knew if I could have a kid half as cool as Jake that my life would be exponentially better.  He is certainly his own personality and uses words like “actually,” or “truth be told Boo Boo…” when starting a sentence.  At Thanksgiving he explained he was thankful for gravity so we don’t fly off into outer space.

The north country has been great for him and he has learned about the joys of not living in the city…such as peeing on trees.  Last night I needed to go to the bathroom and headed outside instead of the guest bathroom.  “Where are you going Boo Boo?” Jake asked.  I replied, “I need to go pee, do you?”  He gave a big nod and ran out the screen door with me.  I then picked out a good spot by the trees and said “Okay Jake, you pee there and I’ll pee over here.”  Jake then earnestly said, “Okay Boo Boo, I promise not to laugh at your penis.”

This sentence perplexed me.  “What?” I asked.  “Its okay, go ahead and pee…I won’t laugh.”  “Thanks Jake.”

I wonder what Max will be like when he is six.

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