When I began writing So Long Freedom, it was to document the transition from many aspects of my life into the next phase…one of which is the transition from freelancer to Corporate America (cue ominous music).  So long sneakers, shorts, and un-tucked shirts at the office.  So long flexible schedules, spur of the moment vacations, and relaxing afternoons.  So long sleeping in, brunch on weekdays, and forgetting to shave.  So long freelance life.

2 Weddings And A Funeral

Prior to our move to Wichita, having a baby, and working for a corporation – we lived in Bolton Landing, NY; an adorable town nestled on the shores of Lake George where we ran our company CreativeRHINO and existed happily in our digital nomadic lives.  We both cried when we left knowing we were trading gravel driveways for city streets (albeit cobblestone streets) and ponds for neighbors.  A bittersweet goodbye.  However, ahead of us on the open road lay stability, affordable living, and the opportunity to be accepted as real adults by the outside world even though we considered ourselves that for years.  With “real” adulthood come egotistical sacrifices and responsibilities.  Vacations are widdled down to what you are allotted…and it is not much your first year.  Unless you are me and negotiate the coolest thing ever; the ability to work from Bolton Landing for two weeks out of the summer!  Thus…I am in Bolton Landing.

I planned to take 2 days vacation to fly to Richmond, VA for a wedding, then we would fly to Albany and drive up to Bolton and work for the week, the following weekend we would drive to NYC for another wedding, then back up to Bolton for the 4th of July (national holiday) and then 4 days vacation to relax over the week, then back to work this week in Bolton, and finally fly home on Sunday the 17th.  That was the plan.  However, Kate’s grandpa passed away last weekend and instead of watching fireworks erupt over the waters of Lake George, we poked along Vermont roads to Burlington to catch a flight back to Iowa for the funeral.  My week working from Bolton was fraught with tons of work which I scrambled to get done so I could relax during my vacation week.  The funeral was nice (so long vacation) and I am glad we were able to make it to see Ray Van Steenhuyse off on his final earthly adventure and then catch up with the entire Van Steenhuyse family.

Max helped put the "FUN" in funeral

Our flight got us home 5 hours after our friend Heather arrived and the weekend was spent entertaining and testing towable tubes and flotational devices…total fun time…but the hammock swung listlessly in the breeze begging me to climb into it with my book and finally exhale my stress into the Adirondack wind.

I held my breath a little longer.

This week I am back at my makeshift desk working on viral marketing projects and strategic planning.  Somewhere around the 14th flight of his life and 3rd tooth, 5-Month-Old Max gave up sleeping through the night and turned into some devil-child who screams all night causing you to hate him…and then smiles in the morning sheepishly and tricks you back into loving him.  Little shit.  I managed to finish my book…never from the hammock…a few pages here and there during late night baby cries and porcelain throne seating sessions had to suffice.  Relaxation?  Sorta…not really.  I feel I might be more stressed than when I got here.

Of course the view from my office has dramatically improved.  I drink my morning coffee from the seat of a waverunner in Paradise Bay.  I get to see Max during the day when he is a joy to be around.  I’m working while wearing a swimsuit and tee-shirt…no shoes.  Dinner involves tons of family members and I haven’t flipped on a TV in 3 weeks (well…I watched 20 minutes or so last weekend).  Shaving?  Nope.  So yeah…I guess I am starting to relax.

My view from our house on Basin Bay

I stop holding my breath.

This trip and reinvigorated me with a major goal and clarity in my life…I need to move back here.  Not right now, not very soon, but soon enough.  This is home.  This should be Max’s home.  This is where my ancestors are from and we are the 9th generation living here.  3 weeks in the summer will not suffice.  This isn’t vacation…this is a trip back home.  I will be back here soon.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to take my laptop out to the hammock and get some more work done.

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