The First Tooth

Max at Laura and Brian's

For the past few days Max was being a curmudgeon.  Kate and I chalked most of this up to his bout with constipation, traveling, and tons of people wanting to play with him all the time…its a lot for a 5 month old to juggle.  This weekend we traveled down-state to Brooklyn for a wedding and all the pieces came together.

Max slept most of the drive but with less than hour left he exploded into tears up displeasure.  Kate sat in the back seat, crouched over the car seat so Max could reach the nectar-de-boob, while I darted in and out of lanes on the BQE.  Max had been running hot for the past few weeks and we kept saying he must be cutting a tooth…but it is hard to know when there is so much going on at once.  Upon arriving at our friends Laura and Brian’s house he proceeded to show off his cuteness and then rewarded us with another of his sleepless nights.  This would not be the case the next day.

On Saturday July 3rd, Maxwell’s lower right tooth protruded through his adorable baby gum-line and his fever broke.  Laura noticed it first and asked “does he have a tiny tooth?”  I brushed this off and explained he was working on one but he didn’t have one yet.  He didn’t on Friday at least.  Then, low and behold…there it was!  Max’s tiny, blunt, finger-biting utensil!  A tooth!

Max with the bride Lisha, the day after her wedding and his first tooth.

He doesn’t like to show it off yet but if he grabs hold of your finger you’ll feel it.  Tiny tooth.  Two nights in a row now he has slept like an angel and Mom and Dad have been ever so thankful for the quiet.  He is back to his old self; adorable, smiley, and flirting with everyone.  No sooner does he get his first tooth he develops a new smile.  This morning, in lieu of his usual mouth gaping wide open smile, Max started our day with closed mouth smirks and ear-to-ear grins.  My little man.  He is growing so fast.

Happy 4th of July everyone.

2 thoughts on “The First Tooth

  1. It’s amazing how quickly those teeth appear – seemingly out of nowhere! My son is only 9 weeks old but drooling like crazy. Please tell me this is not the beginning signs of teething! My oldest son is 4. This Moms’ Guide to Caring for Little Teeth ( has been a help to me – very practical tips on how to help keep those teeth healthy!

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