Constipated Baby; Solved

After 3 days of bicycling Max’s legs, putting him down for naps on his belly, and stressing about where the poop went…he had a blowout last night.  Wow!  Many of you had the same suggestion our pediatrician had, add a little Karo Syrup to his cereal.  Like a summertime Slip ‘N Slide Max popped the cork and finally got some relief.

The bad news is all this constipation, traveling, teething, and new food items has screwed up his sleep schedule…again.  He is back to sleeping in 2 hour shifts and when he wakes up he thrashes around, screams as loud as he can, and causes a terrible headache.  We’re spending 3 weeks in Bolton Landing so he is sleeping in the guest room with us, meaning all three of us are not sleeping well.  Today we are headed down to NYC for some weekend fun and another wedding, but when we get back we are resigned to the fact that we are going to get no sleep for a few days while we work to break this terrible sleeping habit yet again.

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