Constipated Baby

There have been many amazing things since my last post and as the blog is aptly named…I have had little free time to write about it.  Max started crawling a few weeks ago, which at 4 months was a bit early.  I wasn’t quite prepared for this milestone as I felt I had more time to prepare.  More disconcerting is his ability to pull himself up on his feet with the assistance of a wall, chair, or coffee table.  Last week he woke up crying in the night and managed to pull himself upright in his crib, shake the bars like he was in Alcatraz, and begin scaling the barred walls of his nighttime  abode!  The following morning I promptly lowered his mattress low in the crib so he could no longer reach the top.

Since then we have had multiple head bonks.  He will suddenly stand and immediately fall backward slamming his precious head backward into the floor!  It is the scariest thing I have ever experienced.  He has fallen and given himself a black eye and a fat lip making Kate and I look like the parents who beat their child…mixed with his fingernail scratches he adorns his face with from time to time one could think we were torturing him Medieval style.

All this activity has him burning calories faster than he can fatten up and thus, the doc has put him on a new diet in which we have introduced solid foods a full 2 months earlier than planned.  It has been interesting.  At first we were putting food in his mouth, he was gumming on it, and it was spilling right back out in drooly dribbles.  Then he started eating it…and we started smelling it out the other end.  First rice cereal…then barley cereal.  Then carrots went in…and never came out.  Where’d the poop go?

Max is constipated during a period of his life where he can crawl crazy fast and is exploring his voice at high volume.  This means he hurdles his body around the room while shouting cooing sounds at the volume level of a scream and winces in non-pooping pain.  I work his legs frequently and get tiny farts as my reward…but no poop.  Oooop!  He just went face first into the wall and is crying.  Double frustrated baby.  He needs to poop so he can be frustrated with crawling only…not crawling and aching belly.

Prune juice?  Water?  What have you used in the past to cure the constipation of a 5 month old baby?

4 thoughts on “Constipated Baby

  1. A small amount of flax seed oil (you can get it at Whole Foods) mixed into his food might work. It’s worked on our kids before. It lubes his intestines, making pushing more productive. Good luck! Rice cereal is constipating, we had to take our youngest off of it completely and go more with oatmeal.

  2. Making the rice cereal with diluted (then undiluted) baby apple juice worked with our first. Fortunately, this one seems to get everything out just fine, so far. Good luck! It is so frustrating to watch them have bowel troubles:(

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