Easy To Share So Long Freedom

I started So Long Freedom as an open diary of my experiences as my wife Kate and I made what we knew would be the biggest change in our lives:  We went from self-employed to corporate America, from living on the coast to living in the Midwest, from a couple to a family of three…it is a lot of change.  Along this journey I have shared my family’s experiences with you and you have given in return your advice, support, and a wealth of information.  I wanted to say thank you.  Thank you for following along and participating, you have made the journey so much fun, and the journey is far from over…it has just begun!

So Long Freedom has become a resource to parents, parents-to-be, and people seeking information about becoming a father.  Do you know someone who is about to become a father or mother?  Tell them to join in the conversation at So Long Freedom where they can read about not just my journey but all of your as well.  To make sharing this journey even easier I am proud to announce that you can now follow and share the blog at www.solongfreedom.com.  Hooray!  A shorter URL that is easier to remember!

There is much more to come and Kate promises to begin posting in the upcoming months as well to share her perspective on parenthood.  We are currently looking for guest bloggers to contribute from other blogs, we are getting prepped to start product reviews, our Facebook page is growing and home to more content, Max is turning into less of a newborn and more of a baby, and Kate and I are growing as parents every day.

Share the experience, tell your friends to check out SoLongFreedom.com today!

One thought on “Easy To Share So Long Freedom

  1. I’d suggest checking out http://www.drmomma.org/ . Perhaps this mother would be willing to be a guest blogger, although she seems so busy. She’s a wonderful mother who discusses a variety of topics related to parenthood.

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