The Cat Reclaims The Bedroom

Ever since Max was born it has been clear that Luna (the cat), was more than hesitant about his arrival.  “Who does this tiny person think he is?”  I imagine her tiny cat brain thinking.  “These are my humans, I sleep in this bed, pay attention to me!”  Like an older child feeling snubbed by the lack of attention, Luna has been sleeping downstairs under the dining room table and reminding us of her existence by randomly howling out sad cries of despair in the middle of the night.  It’s quite sad.

This week Kate and I started working on getting Max to sleep better.  He was sleeping in 1-2 hour chunks and it was killing Kate since she was up with him all night breast-feeding.  We are working towards getting him to sleep in 4-5 hour chunks again via a process of…

  • Putting him to bed earlier
  • Putting him in his crib in his room to sleep
  • Offering soothing techniques instead of food in the night
  • Establishing a schedule and some structure
  • Naps in the afternoon

The sleeping in the crib part has been strange.  He’s slept in a bassinet next to our bed for 4 months…holy crap, today is the 26th of May.  Max is 4 months old!  Wow time is flying!  I miss having him sleep in the room with us but all three of us are sleeping better with the new arrangement…though both Kate and I miss hearing him breathing and find ourselves checking the monitor religiously throughout the night.  The only one who loves this arrangement is the cat.

Luna has been sleeping practically on top of Kate’s face for the past 4 nights, nudges me awake to be pet in the morning, and is back to her old tactics of thunder-cuddling and taking up WAY too much space.  I don’t know how she does it but Kate and I will wake up in the morning huddled to one side of the bed and there is the cat; sprawled out across the other half of the bed with her back against us pushing us farther and farther to our side.  Congratulations Luna, you have reclaimed the bedroom.

SIDE NOTEHaving a video monitor is a great idea because it allows you to check in on your little one without waking them.  If I tip-toe past his room he wakes up!  Either register for one for your baby shower or make the extra investment on your own, it is well worth it!

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