Max’s First Swimming Lesson

Yesterday was a hot Kansas day in May and the perfect day for a swim in the pool.  Max has been fond of baths and okay with showers so we had high hopes for his first experience with the pool.  Immediately upon approaching it he was in awe of its blue, reflective, amazingness.  He was fixated on it.  We had purchased swimmers for him last week but quickly realized he was still too small for them.  “Just don’t poop in the pool,” I asked of him as I gently lowered him into the water.

I started him off on the first step and he loved it!  You could see he was so excited to be in this big blue reflective thingy.  Then we submerged his body and began to play…he was in heaven!  He loved it!  He batted at the water, dunked his face by accident, coo’d loudly, and smiled the entire time.  Kate and I were beyond excited as were Papa-Doo (Grandpa) and Gi-Gi(Grandma).  I was feeling adventurous and decided today was as good a time as any to dunk him under the water and see how he felt about it.  Kate was a competative swimmer growing up and I’ve spent every summer of my life in Lake George so water is very important to us.  Papa-Doo filmed with his iPhone, Gi-Gi and Kate watched eagerly, and Max sat eagerly in my arms.  “One…two…three!”  I quickly dunked him under the water and brought him back up into my arms.  He was (understandably) a little shocked but didn’t cry at all.  He didn’t cling to me in fear, he was trying to figure out what had just happened.  A few coughs to clear the water away from his mouth and he was good to go again.  I dunked him once more and he gave the same response only this time with a smile, this kid likes water!

He’ll be 6 months this summer when he takes his first dip in Lake George, a significantly colder body of water in comparison to Papa-Doo and Gi-Gi’s 95 degree swimming pool.  However, he has 2 months to practice between now and then and hopefully the pool will get back down to around 85 degrees where it normally is.  Swimming with my son for the first time was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I plan to do it again as often as possible!

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