1 Year In Wichita

Yesterday was exactly 1 year to the day that Kate and I moved to Wichita, KS from Bolton Landing, NY.  Exactly a year ago Kate and I rolled into town after spending the night east of St. Louis where we hunkered down in a small town without power as a massive tornado rolled through the area and directly across the highway.  The car was packed to the gills and strapped to the roof was our new bed and Thule cargo carrier.  The twister rolled by just north of us and the car was saved from hail damage thanks to the bed (which is slightly dimpled now).  We arrived in Wichita late in the afternoon, unloaded the car into the garage of my parent’s house, took a 30 minute nap, and then went to a Wichita State University auction party.  People kept asking when we had moved to Wichita and we kept responding, “oh…about 2 hours ago.”  The only concern on our minds was scooping the cat’s litter box every day, saving enough money to go dancing on weekends, and what to cook for dinner.

Exactly one year later and we arrived at the same WSU auction party…this time 1 hour late.  A 3 month-old in tow with rattles, and binkys, and blankeys filled my pockets.  We mingled through the crowd where we knew many of the attendees.  Coaches and players from the basketball team came over to say hi and see how much Max had grown.  The concern on our minds had shifted to parenting Max, changing diapers and scooping the litter box, saving enough money so Max can go to college, and being healthier.  Amazing how much can change in just one year.

Today is Mother’s Day and it is Kate’s first.  Time to stop typing and start pampering, this mom deserves it.  Thank you Max for being the best son two parents could ask for, we love you more than you understand…you’ve made this the best year of our lives.

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