Growth Spurts And Sleep

Max Can Fly

Its been a while since I have had the time to sit down and write about Max, Kate, and myself.  I’ve been swamped with projects at work, a remodel of Heroes, and planning 3 events.  As well during that time, Max has been going through what we assume must be a growth spurt.  He is an eating machine.

Last night Kate had two parties to go to, so I was on Max duty for the night.  I was self admittedly nervous.  A father shouldn’t be nervous to be alone with his child but it was going to be the longest time alone with him I have ever spent.  I am always at the office, on the road, or playing with him while Kate is near by.  Last night it was just us boys, and Max has been a fuss-bucket ever since we got back from NYC.  He eats almost non-stop it seems, requires twice the attention from before, only is sleeping in 1-2 hour spurts, wiggles out of any chair, and can successfully shuffle around the floor in small circles and wedge himself into a bookshelf when you turn your back for 15 seconds.

Last weekend Kate and I had date night.  I have been preparing for date night for a while.  Not like “ooh honey let’s go to that sushi place!”  No…not that kind of preparation.  More of the “I hope Max doesn’t scream the entire time we are gone!”  My friends have warned me.  I will not want to leave.  Max will scream.  I will not want to go.  Then about 5 minutes after we leave Max will calm down.  Knowing this…armed with this knowledge, I sat there and watched as Max screamed till he turned purple while our friend Kristen held him saying “go on, we’ll be fine.”  My stomach was in knots.  My heart fluttered nervously.  Kate dragged me out the door.  I held back tears.  20 minutes later I got a text from Kristen…it was a picture of Max smiling and having a good time.  The beer flowed freely that night in Wichita.

Last night I stood there holding this tiny man scared that he would scream the entire time.  Before I was afraid to be away from him…now I was scared to be alone with him.  Kate left, Max cried, bottle, quiet, calm.  Then the bottle ran out, burps, toots, and more tears.  Bottle number two?  Kate had said he was going through a hardcore eating phase but I had no idea.  During the few hours I had him last night he sucked down 5 bottles and took the largest crap I have ever seen a baby take…I thought maybe Kate went in the diaper and left it for me as a practical joke.  How can something so small make something so big?  In the end Kate arrived at home and I was not ready to relinquish my grasp on my son.  He stayed pressed against my chest like the adorable nugget that he is till he was ready for his final feeding.  Feeding…ha!  Its like having a Mogwai (Gremlin) live in your house.  Luckily you can feed Max after midnight.

Today is Easter and Max is going to wear some outfit that is so cute it makes you want to vomit…cause that is what babies do.  I’ll eat all the chocolate, get a stomach ache, and then feel like hell on my flight to Rochester tomorrow.  I’m out-of-town for one full week…the longest from Kate and Max…and my stomach sits like a cement-filled blob in my belly.  When I get back I am planning weekend adventures, date nights, daytime babysitters so Kate and I can ride bikes, and spending more time with my family.  Work puts bread on the table but what’s the point if you’re not there to eat it with them?

Kate and I bought new bikes

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