Meat & Cheese In A Bowl

Today I am working from home so I went into the kitchen to make some lunch.  My wife Kate called across the house to me “there’s left over taco fixings in the fridge.”  Sweet!  I scooped some taco meat into a bowl with some beans and zapped it in the microwave.  I shouted back to Kate, “where are the tortillas?”  She replied, “we are out.”  I peered around the corner at her and gave her my best WTF look.  She responded, “oh…I guess you’ll have to make a taco salad or something with chips.”  This was a good plan.  Ding! Taco meat was hot and ready to come out of the microwave.  I added salsa, spice, and cheese.  I then went to the pantry to get the chips…no chips.  “Oh yeah…” Kate said, “we’re out of chips.”  I looked angrily at her again and said, “So I’m just supposed to eat a bowl of meat and cheese in a bowl?”  She laughed this off and replied, “Don’t pretend to sound so dejected.”

3 thoughts on “Meat & Cheese In A Bowl

  1. Why Ryan – you have just invented the fixins’ for Mexican Sloppy Joes –
    aka “El Desodenado Jose'” !! Unless Kate says you are out of bread, then sorry – you are back to meat and beans in a bowl….

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