Max Is Going To The Big Apple

Photo by Mary Altaffer/AP

I promised the team, the coach, and my family that if the Wichita State University Shockers went to the NIT Final I would bring Max to NYC.  To say that The Shox beat Washington State would be an understatement…they destroyed them!  75-44.  They led by over 30 points throughout most of the second half and finished the game with the practice squad on the court.  It was amazing!  This is the longest post season I’ve ever had with my beloved Shockers, the most fun I have had in a season, the most wins for the Shox in a single season (28), and I get to end the season back in NYC with my family and take Max to his first Shocker game ever!  Amazing!!!

Knowing it will be loud in there I have purchased a pair of Remington True Junior Ear Muffs for him to wear during the game.  Got to protect those tiny ears.  It will be his first WSU game ever and what a way to start it all than the NIT Final in NYC at Madison Square Garden.  If you want to see the game, look for us, and root for the Shockers – tune in to ESPN2 on Thursday March 31st (tomorrow) at 7pm EST.

I am unbelievably excited to be going back to NYC which still feels like home but now that Max is in my life I don’t have a desire to live there right now.  I love how much access we have to the outdoors in Wichita.  I love driving to work.  I like not having traffic.  I like how affordable everything is here.  I like it here in Wichita.  I always joke about Wichita but now that I live here and am traveling back to NYC with a 2 month old…I am so glad I live where I do.  I’m excited that he is going to grow up with grass stains, bicycles, and sledding instead of playgrounds, subways, and snow tainted with the urine of a homeless man.  I love NY.  It is my favorite place I have lived…but I realize now it was my favorite place to live during that period of my life.  I’m in a different period.  I’m a dad who works hard to provide for his family so we can go to the zoo and take trips to NYC.  Dare I say…I’m growing up?

Ryan, Max, and Kate's fingers at Heroes Sports Bar in Wichita watching the Shockers beat Washington State in the NIT semifinals.

Wichita doesn’t have sex appeal like NYC…but I don’t think I need sex appeal right now.  I need stability, comfort, and time with my son.  That is all I want, I just want to spend as much time with my wife and son and soak up all the fun we have together.  Wow.  I’m a Wichitan.  Who knew?

One thought on “Max Is Going To The Big Apple

  1. I would have given this post a five-star rating if you’d just come right out and admitted that you’ve been a Wichitan all along!

    Go Shockers! That was a great win for the school, and for Wichita in general.

    By the way, Wichita HAS sex appeal! It’s just the down-to-earth, humble, low-level kind. It’s the kind of sex appeal that’s perfect for families, not young, child-less workaday people. I want to go back!

    Thanks for making me homesick!


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