Max Going To NYC?

After living in New York for over a decade it is hard to be away from the people we have known for so long.  So many of our friends have had babies we haven’t met yet and none of our NY crew has met Max yet.  Next week…that may be rectified.

As many of you know I am a die-hard fan of Wichita State University Basketball.  This year I went to EVERY home game with the exception of the February 5th game against Illinois State when Max was just a week old and the entire family was in town.  This was the year we were going to go back to the NCAA Tournament but a heartbreaking loss to Missouri State at the end of the season placed us in second place and then Indiana State beat Missouri State to go to the dance.  This was pretty emotional for any WSU fan.  Max cried…sure he cries at everything but the important thing is he cried.

The Shox then got the 4 seed in the NIT Tournament which gave us the opportunity to stomp Nebraska on our home court!  Then we beat #1 seed Virginia Tech in their house!  Last night we beat the College of Charleston at home to earn a trip to the NIT Final Four Semifinals next week at Madison Square Garden in NYC.  We have to beat Washington State University to take on either Colorado or Alabama in the finals and win the whole damn thing…something the Shox have never done.

The semi-finals game is Tuesday which I can’t make it to as I have work that needs to get done.  The final game is Thursday and Kate, Max, and I are looking for tickets and a place to stay.  So, all you NY people who want to meet Max better start rooting for the Wichita State Shockers because a win on Tuesday means we fly on Wednesday!  The game is on ESPN 2 at 7pm.  Should they win we will be coming to NYC for the game and the weekend but I expect a bunch of you to join me on Thursday at Madison Square Garden to root for one of the most electrifying teams in the nation!  Max loves them.  He wants to meet you.  Root for the Shockers.

Max (wearing his WSU jersey) Wants The Shockers To Win The NIT

Last night I went into the locker room with the team as we celebrated the win…the last time our seniors will ever play on that court.  It was emotional to say the least and after the cheers died down we were left with tears of joy and sadness.  What a season.  To see exclusive video of the locker room…

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