Two Working Parents And A Newborn

Max 7 Weeks Old

Now that Max is 7 weeks old, Kate is ready to get back to the working world and start teaching again.  While we were under the assumption that we would have more time before her return – a class has opened up in this semester and suddenly we are caught with our pants down.  We have no sitters lined up, no daycare we have looked at, and our family is not available to help at those times.  I’d take Max if I could but they are 4 hour classes in the middle of the work week and my workload has increased.

Kate needs this.  She needs things that remind her she is Kate…not just Mom…or food.  Max is content to keep her locked up at home all day breast-feeding.  He is growing at an amazing rate!  He’s HUGE!  Not fat, no he’s crazy lean…but wow he is long/tall!  He’s a smile factory when he’s not milking the Mom-udder so we know whoever we find will have an easy time with him…he’s Max.  He really is super easy.  Why couldn’t one of his uncles or aunts live in town?!!!  Dad and grandpa (“Pa Pa Doo”) are busy at the office.  Grandma (“Gi Gi”) is busy doing…well…whatever it is that grandma does.

Anybody have a recommendation for a sitter in Wichita, KS that would be good with a 2 month old?  Holy crap!  Max turns 2 months next Saturday!  It’s all happening so fast!

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