Max Takes His First Plane-Ride

Tomorrow Max will be cruising at 30,000 feet over the Midwest as he flies from Wichita to Chicago.  This will be a first for him and certainly not the last since Mommy and Daddy travel quite frequently.  It is a good first flight for us since we do not have to change planes, it’s a short flight, and we have family at both ends.  In preparation for the flight I have acquired a few things that I think will make the flight and the weekend vacation go smoothly.

I bought a Baby Trend Snap ‘N Go Stroller to reduce the weight and size of our Chicco Key Fit Travel System.

Chicco Travel System
Snap ‘N Go

 By doing this I can leave the Chicco Stroller behind which is the larger more bulky stroller.  The Chicco car seat snaps into this smaller stroller which is better for transporting, cabs, etc.  Also, the Snap ‘N Go has a larger basket underneath that is fully accessible from the front.  The Snap ‘N Go also has a handle for easy carrying and I got it for 20% off at Babies R Us for a grand total of $56.  Awesome.

We did not book a seat for Max on the plane so we are doing the “Infant In Arms” thing.  This means the car seat has to go under the plane or overhead.  Since every plane out of Wichita to Chicago is a tiny tin can with wings the overhead space sucks…which means the seat has to get gate checked with the stroller.  I don’t want germs, dirt, and whatever else touching that seat so I purchased the Airport Gate Check Stroller Bag.  This thing is about 5″x7″ and 2″ thick when stored into it’s little zipper pouch.  Unfolded it is big enough for 2 strollers and the car seat!  Sweet!

Gate Check Stroller Bag

Kate has been pumping and has put together a few bottles for the trip which is great.  We are planning on feeding him during takeoff and landing to help with the pressure change in his ears.  I’m Sherpa Dad and carrying everything.

Though it is a direct flight we are checking out luggage, I’m excited to test out my new eBags Mother Lode TLS Junior 25″.  It will be my new travel bag for business.  I am not taking a carry on so I can carry Max, strollers, seats, etc.  In the diaper bag we have all the necessary stuff such as the changing pad, diapers, wipes, butt paste, burping rags, change of clothes, plastic bags, etc.  Is there anything people recommend?  Any tips?  I greatly appreciate it.

I’ll give the full recap on both flights as well as the St. Patrick’s Day Pub crawl on Monday when I return.  Look!  Up in the sky!  It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  No…it’s Max on a plane!!!

Mother Lode TSL Junior 25" by eBags

8 thoughts on “Max Takes His First Plane-Ride

  1. I would suggest taking your baby snot sucker (aspirator bulb) if you have one. We often find that traveling brings out the stuffy/runny nose problems in our kiddos. Different air/allergans maybe? Have fun!

  2. Does Kate have a sling. When I took o on the pub crawl I had him in it the whole time. It accomplishes many things:
    1) arms free for beer holding
    2) people are less inclined to ask you to hold him in a sling so he won’t be passed around a lot (that is to people you don’t want to pass him to)
    3) less strangers approach you and touch your baby (exception- weird lady that KISSED) j on the head yesterday!
    4) you can nurse in public and no one has a clue
    5) I’m not sure the legality of this, but I’m nor sure how babies are supposed to travel in cabs, but…
    Have fun!!!

  3. You know how old-time life-savers were like year-old giant doughnuts attached to a rope? Well, when my children, who are 14 months apart, were tiny, I would drive them by myself from our apartment in Pine Hill, NJ up to my parents’ house in Yardley, PA and there was no way I could retrieve the flinging of plugs, toys, etc., in the back seat nor stand the resulting howls. So I tried tying the plugs, toys, etc. onto the front bar of the car seats and it kept everyone occupied for an hour plus. In addition, I sang every Muppet/Sesame Street song I could think of in a medley that lasted the entire trip. I’m not sure your fellow plane passengers would enjoy that, but perhaps there’s a way you could attach Max’s stuff so you don’t have to retrieve plugs, toys, etc. from under the yucky airplane seats. Have a great trip!

  4. Good luck! I remember getting the advice to nurse at takeoff and landings to make them go easier.. and it did. Though, on one the baby just slept so I left him alone. And *then* he got his first ear infection. So, I say nurse/bottle on ALL of them. It helps release pressure and keep things from backing up in there. Even if Max doesn’t seem uncomfortable…

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