Max Can See Objects Over 10 Feet Away

So…being a baby is kind of like being a total drunk.  They can hardly see past about a foot in front of them, they have a hard time controlling both eyes at the same time, they can’t roll over without help, and they puke frequently…and crap their pants.  I call that “Saturday.”  In all seriousness, imagine if you could only see about a foot in front of you.  You’d get pretty scared and cry out too.  The other day I was getting ready to head out and was carrying Max around with me.  I had to change my shirt (baby vomit) so I set him down on the bed and propped him upright with 2 pillows.  He loves this.  He sits there like a little business man contemplating world domination while staring off into space.  I walked over to my dresser and tossed on a new shirt, when I turned around Max was looking right at me.  He must have heard me, I thought to myself.  I walked sideways across the room…his little eyes followed me.  No way.  I quietly tiptoed around the room and Max’s eyes followed me everywhere I went.  I even held my hands up in the air and he looked up at them.  This made me smile…Max looked right at me and burst out cooing and smiling!  I was at least 10 feet away and he was reacting to my smile and looking right at me!

Look I know my kid didn’t invent Cold Fusion or anything but this was a pretty big deal to me.  It is exciting to know he can see me at a slight distance and that I can make him smile by playing peek-a-boo.  He turned 6 weeks old today and grows up more and more every day…little fatty.  He’s like a piglet sniffing out truffles in your shirt when he’s hungry.  Daddy doesn’t have a boob Max.  This weekend he’ll be sniffing out truffles in Chicago as the three of us attempt our first airplane flight as a family.  Fun, fun, fun.  Wish me luck.

COLD FUSION FOOTNOTE: Anytime I am lonely because Kate is away, I rent the movie “The Saint” starring Val Kilmer and Elisabeth Shue because Shue’s character in the movie reminds me of Kate…and I have a crush on Elisabeth Shue.  Her character invents cold fusion.  Now you know.


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