Max Has A Rash

Tired Road Warriors

This weekend Max and Kate came home from their road trip to Iowa.  I was cooking dinner for Kate when my weary road warriors stumbled in the back door a little after 9 PM after nine hours in the car.  Max, surprisingly, was in a great mood.  After dinner Max slowly passed out and we made our way upstairs.  I was planning on handing Max over to Kate for one last feeding before bed but he passed out on my chest instead.  The cat then nuzzled into my right armpit and Kate nuzzled in on my left side.  I was sandwiched by my family and wasn’t going anywhere.  I fell asleep with blissful happiness to have them all in my arms.

This morning I saw the rash that has been developing on Max’s skin and wow it has gotten worse.  Kate is pretty sure it is either heat rash or milia.  Whatever it is, it scares me.  His gorgeous soft skin is now bumpy across his face and the back of his neck.  Perfectly smooth softness has been replaced by bumpy redness.  What is this?  Seriously, can anyone tell me?  Kate and I are starting to wonder if maybe Max has a milk allergy since he has been spitting up more than usually recently.  His spit up and fussiness seems to be greater on days where Kate has cereal with milk.  What is strange is the rash is on his face and neck but stops where his clothes touch his neck.  Maybe he is allergic to the cat?

Max's Unidentified Rash

Kate’s not being nervous about the rash has me calmer and truthfully I am just excited to have them back in my arms again.  I’m glad Kate went to Iowa while I was away on business but it made me nervous having the 2 of them driving alone through the prairie.  I slept like a rock on Saturday night having the bed to myself…Kate and I both hardly slept last night as Max was a thrash-master from 1 AM till morning.  Still, I prefer last night’s no sleep with my family vs. any night of sleep without them.  Max grew over the weekend and is gaining weight fast.  He has the baby double chin going on now and his lean body is slowly giving way to rolls of adorable cuteness.

10 thoughts on “Max Has A Rash

  1. Looks like baby acne. All my kids had it to varying degrees. They do outgrow it after being a few months old. To make you feel better point it out at his next well check, but I bet that’s what it is. Good luck.

  2. Email my sister the picture. Isabelle is alleric to milk, so she knows what a milk allergy looked like on her

    1. I don’t have her email, would you please give email her the URL of the blog ( so she can see the picture and potentially comment on what she thinks it is. I’m sure many of my readers would like to hear what Isabelle’s symptoms were no matter what so we all know what to look for as signs of a milk allergy. I’m here to learn as well as write.

    1. He’ll be 6 weeks this Wednesday. How long did your kids have this rash? Any clue what it is? Thanks Christy!

  3. Ryan,

    Is it only on one side of his face and neck? Its doesn’t really look like a reaction to milk, but all babies react differently. A dairy allergy rash is more focused on the cheeks and looks like the skin has been rubbed with sandpaper. It also really didn’t look like baby acne since it went so far down on his neck. I could be a reaction to someone else’s lotion or detergent or the cat. If you still suspect a dairy allergy Kate needs to stop eating dairy since she is breastfeeding and if you are giving any formula switch to soy or alimentum. But beware that babies that have soy allergies can also have soy allergies like Isabelle. I would wash the area with some Aveno (or anything hypoallergenic) soap and put some vasoline on it to start with.


  4. well, Lindsey had baby acne. it looked like what I’m seeing in the picture. i just cannot remember if it went to the back of the neck, as well.
    Milk allergies, from my experience, did not surface during breast feeding. However, when milk did become the culprit, the rash was redness, not bumps, and regurgitation was more than “spit up.”
    We had dogs, not cats, and they didn’t sleep with us. But, don’t you think the rash would show up on arms or torso if the cat were the problem?
    allergies are funny things. everyone has their own way of reacting. I could trace the milk going right down Lindsey’s digestive system by following the redness develop. Unbelievable!
    I suspect your pediatrician has seen a rash or two in her lifetime. curious to hear her take on it.

  5. Looks like the typical red raised blotches of a contact dermatitis – with detergent, car seat finishing, grandparents clothing or cologne or perfume, hand lotion, a wool blanket, a polyester scarf, baby wipes, even soaps, anything his face and neck have been in contact with that has chemical content
    Milia are pinpoint white dots usually only on the nose and disappear in 3 – 4 weeks
    Heat rash and milk allergy would be tiny red spots all over his body – allergy to milk the mum drinks is rare, more likely things added to the milk but try organic milk if you’re not already using it
    Cereal the mum eats, maybe, depending on the cereal – could be additives, but that would be all over spots too
    Cat dander allergy would cause airway reaction, wheezing, coughing etc

    Bathe him only with warm water, no soap or lotion, olive oil in creases if necessary
    He may have a tendency to allergy, so no solids for the first six months, no artificial formula; express breast milk into small feeders and store in the fridge if he has to have an occasional bottle.
    Hold off on eggs til he’s over a year, fish til he’s two
    Find some health food store laundry deterg for babies, only use very small amounts
    If you don’t have the La Leche League ‘bible’ The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding it’s probably in the local library or you can order one online from LLL very cheaply – many many great suggestions, answers just about everything, easy fun read, parent to parent with ++ wisdom etc.
    Rashes too will pass

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