Max’s First Bottle

This weekend is a shining example of why Wichita’s weather is so unpredictable.  It is February and the windows to our house are wide open because it is 74 degrees outside.  Yesterday, I played golf in 65 degree weather.  My golf partners were a little upset with me for being late but as soon as I explained why all was forgiven.

This week after breast feedings, Kate has been pumping to get the remaining breast milk bottled and into the refridgerator.  Max is almost 4 weeks so pacifiers and bottles are able to be gradually introduced.  It is important to pump after feedings so your breasts become accustomed to producing milk around your baby’s meal times instead of pumping whenever you can…which makes your breasts produce milk at odd times.  Clad in plaid and ready to golf I was on my way out the door when Kate mentioned that we should try feeding him from the bottle before the weekend was over and the breast milk went bad.  I thought, no better time than the present!

Both of us were not sure if he would take the bottle at all since he has been hesitent to take the pacifier.  Turns out that as long as it has brest milk in it…Max likes it.  He sucked down a few ounces of milk in about 5 minutes!  Wow!  Kate and I looked at each other and wondered…is he getting enough from the boob?  He is, he’s just my little piglet.  As I type, Kate is pumping again and should now have enough that I can feed him tonight so Kate can sleep.  I love my son.  I love his poops.  I love his smile.  I just love him.  I am finally beginning to be able to contribute more to his life and the relationship we are developing is amazing.

We are off to the zoo today.  Like I said, it’s 74 degrees outside…a perfect day to stroll around the Sedgwick County Zoo which is an amazing facility!  We opened the garage door at Heroes today for lunch and soaked up the warm winter air.  Max and Dad wore gold in honor of the WSU Shockers.  Life is good.

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