Father and Son Bath Time

When Kate and I lived in San Francisco, Kate had the amazing experience of being a nanny to a phenomenal family.  Prior to that, I spent nearly every day with my nephew for the first year of his life to help my sister and her husband out.  Those two experiences, mixed with observing our friends with kids, and reflecting back on our youth and our parents is where Kate and I have formed the foundation of our parenting structure.  One of the things we picked up from the family in SF was the ritual of Dad running bath-time.  Kate and I love this idea because I’m off at work all day while she is home running the house and tending to Max.  When I come home and take Max upstairs for bath-time it provides my son and I valuable bonding time and gives Kate some time to relax and have personal time.

Max doesn’t need a bath every day, he’s 3 1/2 weeks old and should only have about 2 baths a week with some spot cleaning in between to keep his skin from drying out.  However, today is bath day!  Now that his umbilical cord has fallen off and is no longer bloody he can get fully wet (before it was just sponge baths).  When I was a kid my dad used to take me into the shower with him, we had tons of shower-time when I had croup because the steam helps you cough it all out.  Max loves the steam of the bathroom and just chills in the Nap Nanny while we shower.

We have guests coming today and I wanted him clean before they came but I had to go to the office.  I was bummed about missing bath-time…then it dawned on me.  “Kate, bring Max in here please!”  I shouted from the shower.  A happy naked boy was soon handed to me and wouldn’t you know it, he LOVED the shower.  We got his hair all fluffy again, washed between fingers and toes, gently scrubbed all the adorable baby folds and wrinkles, and cleaned that cute (but sometimes dangerous) tushy.  No tears…just big smiles.  Until bath-time arrives I am going to do this with Max twice a week before going to work, it is the best way to start your day!

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