BABY TIP: Screaming Baby In Car

Max’s schedule is unpredictable though there are constants throughout that allow us to plan accordingly around them.  Such as, he starts his cluster feeding almost immediately at 5pm and is impossible to take anywhere.  He is happy for 2-3 hours after feedings between 9am and 3pm.  He falls asleep between midnight and 1am and will sleep for around 4 hours if you let him sleep on your chest first for about 20 minutes.  He falls asleep in the car…well…almost always.

Today Kate, Max, and I had an awesome Sunday.  Max kicked things off by vomiting all over me which was fine…its like spilling milk on your shirt.  The three of us had breakfast at Kings X which is my favorite Sunday brunch spot…their brekfasts are to die for!  Max slept through most of it and started to stir a bit towards the end.  We knew we needed to go to the store to buy more diapers (seriously…these things are pooping machines) so we got him loaded into the car.  When Max gets upset he starts to cry but doesn’t quite explode.  Instead he makes these squeaky sounds like a little hooting owl.  Hoot!  Hoot, hoot! As we walked out of the diner.   Hoot…hoooooot! We put him in the car.  Keys.  Vroom.  Reverse.  Forward.  Bump, bump, bump.  The low din of the road…and bam, asleep. Kate and I looked back and figured why not, let’s go for a drive.

We made the 20 minute drive to Lake El Dorado and poked around the man-made body of water.  Trees still protrude from it from back when it was dammed up.  It was a frozen tundra of quiet today and Kate and I enjoyed the tranquility of it.  We love to explore and she had never been.  It’s not much of an adventure but when you have a 2 1/2 week old…its like backpacking to an oasis in the desert.  It was over 60 degrees outside!  In February!  We rolled the windows down, soaked up the sun, and stripped down to t-shirts and jeans.  Hoot!  Hoot, hoot! Time to head back.

We made it home just before complete meltdown.  Max’s world almost ended.  Boob.  Milk.  Pants fully crapped.  New diaper.  Swaddle.  More boob.  Nap.

Then we headed to a friend’s house for a while which Max assured me he would be on his best behavior for.  He was, for 10 minutes.  Then he cried, vomited, and cried some more.  I calmed him down with some shushing, my secret dad holding position, and back into the car seat he went.  Hoot, hoot!  Hooooot! It was time to go home.  Kate then professed that she had one errand left to do at Babies R Us.  En route…things chnaged rapidly from hoot, hoot to waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! This was not a happy baby.  Once we arrived at the store I quickly removed Max from his car seat and put him into his sling instead.  He bopped his head around on my chest for a few minutes and then bam!  Asleep.  He loves the feeling of his legs dangling with gravity.  We got what we needed from the store and got into the car.  Max picked up exactly where he left off.  Waaaaaaaaa!  Waaaaaaaaa!  WAAAAAAAAAA! Holy cow, this was becoming a long drive home.  Shushing from the front seat was kind of working but he was fighting through it.  That was when I had my lightbulb moment:

BABY TIP: Screaming Baby In Car.
I turned on the radio and found a station that was solely static, turned it up, and faded it to the backseat only.  Tears that we thought could only be consoled by a boob gave up almost instantly and transitioned into calm.  After a few minutes we switched to regular radio and he passed out.  Program a station that is solely static on your radio.  when the baby screams, you are driving and cannot console, flip it to static…hoot, hoot.  Snore…

I was 2 for 2 on the day.  First the sling and now this radio static idea.  I thought, let’s make it a perfect 3 for 3!  Max howled once the car ride was over and instead of taking him straight to the boob I tried out the ole pacifier instead.  He had rejected it on Friday.  Not today.  with a look of confused concern he started sucking on the pacifier and looking into my eyes.  Awesome bonding moment.  Soon after, right to the boob.  So now the trick is to only use the pacifier when needed, he’s already pretty good at soothing himself by sucking on his fingers.  He’s pretty much the Super Baby.  Just chill.

Hoot, hoot.  Hoot!  Hooooot! Gotta run.

Pacified for the first time

2 thoughts on “BABY TIP: Screaming Baby In Car

  1. what a great day! congats on patience, creativity, and non verbal communication! Max is a lucky boy….he’s got very involved parents. Sounds like they’re a lot of fun too!
    Isn’t sunshine sybaritic! Gets everyone in a good mood.

    picture with Max and the pacifier: we go away for 4 days and already he’s grown from newborn to baby. How did that happen?!


  2. Great tip! My wife and I are getting ready to welcome our first baby to the family and I am combing the internet for tips… this looks to be a good one! Great blog by the way!

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