Looking forward to going home


As I type Max is passed out cold on Kate’s chest…and Kate is passed out too.  My laptop keyboard seems huge in comparison to my phone’s where I have been posting from for the past few days…it is urging me to write novels…but my brain can only formulate tiny sleep deprived thoughts.  I am going to hold off on the usual wordy posts you all have come to know from me till I can remember what day it is.  Till then, here are some bullet points of what is going on…

  • Life changing experience
  • Can’t stop staring at my son
  • He feeds all the time
  • He has pooped multiple times
  • Kate and I have bonded closer
  • I have new respect for her power
  • Most rewarding experience of my life
  • Max smells awesome
  • I am the master of the swaddle
  • He knows my voice
  • He locks eye contact with dim lights
  • He can hold his own head up
  • He sucks his thumb and fingers
  • He has a tiny birth mark on his rump
  • He is cute when he cries
  • He is cute when he sleeps
  • He is cute when he poops
  • He is cute all the time
  • He fluctuates between smiles and seriousness
  • I am exhausted
  • Kate is exhausted
  • Max holds your finger when he sleeps
  • The nurses here are AMAZING!
  • This is the happiest I have ever been

It is hard not to cry sometimes.  Max will just be hanging out there and I suddenly realize what is going on…I am Dad…and it fills me with excitement and emotional bliss.  I am in love with Kate more than I thought possible, its more emotion than I can process and I can’t wait to scoop her up in my arms and make her feel as loved and safe as Max feels right now in her arms.

We are looking to be headed home tomorrow morning (Saturday) and we are very excited.  I can’t wait to have Max in our home.  What will he think of Luna?  Will Luna like him?  We shall see.  The car seat sits in the corner of our hospital room beckoning us home.  There’s no place like home.  There’s no place like home.  There’s no place like home.

Sunrise has given way to full on morning, Radiohead is softly playing in the background, and family nap time is just the best part of the day.  Next up in a sponge bath for Max and then photo shoot.  Strike a pose Max!

One thought on “Looking forward to going home

  1. Great that you’re noticing so much about him – you can do some wonderful things through knowing how Max makes eye contact with dim lights. If Kate and you hold him in front of you, face to faces with a soft light behind him shining towards your faces, he will be able to focus on you better.

    If you then look straight into his eyes and talk softly and slowly, smiling gently he will respond to the ‘conversation’ by moving arms and legs in the rhythms of your speech and he’ll change facial expression too, open his eyes wider, and very soon he’ll completely disarm you with a smile. Having both parents in front of him to respond to is great, he will shift his eyes from one to the other. You are the best of all ‘mobiles’.

    A wonderful group of nurses who consider babies are persons from the get go, little people who make choices about the responses they will give, researched newborns and recorded hundreds of hours of interactions between newborns and parents and caregivers. Sumners and Barnard – one of them is another Kate! They have lots of great publications should you have time to google them.

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