The first 24 hours

Kate and I are still in recovery mode and taking time to take it all in.

Max is very aware of everything, loves looking around, took to breast feeding immediately with no help, and is the most calm baby I’ve ever seen. His feet are HUGE and so are his poops. He has pooped 6 times today!

Currently he is fast asleep against mommy’s chest and as content as can be.

The grandparents have been doting him with attention which he repays with adorable interactivity. He is (in my eyes) perfect.

Max was born at 11:08 pm CST on Wednesday, January 26th and weighed in at 8lbs 11oz.

5 thoughts on “The first 24 hours

  1. Good eye Dad, sweet photo, he looks perfect to me too, and his eyes are huge and gorgeous too.

    One evening while working shift on my post-partum unit a new Dad came down the hall to the nursing desk with this astonished look on his face and said, “My daughter just passed this enormous, green….thing!” as if she had emitted a fiery green dragon!! (Meconium, the first poop – new parents need a warning about that too!!)

  2. Ryan and Kate,

    Of course, he’s perfect! And, as parents, you’ll always come back to that–no matter what he does. It’s the beautiful thing about love. Max will teach you much about that subject. Our children stretch our love to be much larger than we ever knew could be possible. ENJOY!

    So, so happy for all of you (includes the grandparents too).



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