Homemade Baby Mobile

For months I have been shopping for a mobile to hang over the crib in the nursery.  Only problem is that I haven’t found one that really matched what I wanted.  They were all bulky, tons of ruffles, and didn’t have cool things hanging from them.  I wanted something that had blacks, whites, and reds for Zig’s developing eyes but just hated all the mobiles that had those color schemes.  Part of the theme of Zig’s room is friendly and awkward monsters, robots, and creatures.  I wanted something that went with that theme so I decided to make my own mobile out of Ugly Doll keychains.

I used a wind-up box from a cheap mobile, cloth based ribbon from Hobby Lobby, neon green load-bearing string from the hardware store, hooks for hanging plants, and viola!  Monster Mobile!  Kate was the master of sewing and attached the monsters to the ribbon.  A good family project for Zig to reap the benefits of…now if he would just get here already!

3 thoughts on “Homemade Baby Mobile

  1. When my first son, Darroch was about to be born in 1967 I went on a mobile hunt. I found something from the Philippines in an Oriental import shop while looking for something completely different, noodle bowls .

    It was made from transparent shells cut in discs with 4 rows of 4 well spaced discs hung from a 6″ bar. I have no idea if was really meant to be a mobile! I attached a string to the bar so it could be hung any length from the ceiling. The normal air current in the room moved and spun it slowly and he just loved it. It was amazing just to watch his eyes open wide and his breathing rate increase whenever he caught sight of it. He seemed to enjoy following with his eyes it as it swung and turned.

    Maybe the baby is hanging on to be a Robbie Burns ‘leanabh’ (infant is Scots Gaelic)!!

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