We are having a baby…in one week or less!

Things went fine at the doctor’s today and she was fine with not inducing this week.  She was surprised Kate hadn’t popped yet too!  We discussed induction, what made us nervous about it, and what her thoughts were on certain issues.  As it has been throughout this whole process, the doctor stayed right on track with our wishes and ideals.  We agreed that induction would be on the agenda for the following week so we scheduled an induction for early Wednesday the 26th.

We then did an NST (fetal non-stress test) to monitor Zig’s heart rate and movements.  It was awesome!  It was like birth practice (kind of) to have Kate hooked up to the monitor and to hear his little heart beat and watch it on the monitor.  He chills out around 122 and then jumps to about 155 when he moves around or gets excited.  Kate and I took the time to practice breathing techniques and work on helping her relax in a hospital-like environment.  Zig’s heart rate was perfect…no stress…just chillin.  Of course he doesn’t want to come out, he’s in heaven in there and not ready to face the cold Kansas winter.

Suddenly I felt it rush over me; we’re having a baby in 1 week or less!  I didn’t care if he came with or without induction.  Whatever it takes to get him here happy and healthy, to have Kate feeling good, and to have him in my arms…I’m up for it.  I just want to see my son.  I want to stop calling him “Zig” in public and start calling him by his real name.  Want to know what it is?  I’ll give you a hint.  It is made up of letters from the English language, has between 1 and 100 letters, and his last name is either mine or Kate’s.

The major downside to induction is that we would not be able to give birth at the Wesley Birth Care Center as all inductions have to go to the hospital.  I’m not feeling the whole sterile environment that is the Wesley Hospital so we will induce (if need be) at St. Joseph’s New Life Center.  Of course…we are still holding out for a natural, non-induced, Wesley Birth Care Center birth so we shall see.  Till then I’ll keep feeding Kate spicy food, drive over the railroad tracks on the way home, keep raspberry tea handy, and see if I can get her to try some castor oil.  I thought it was Castrol Oil.  Big difference it turns out.

4 thoughts on “We are having a baby…in one week or less!

  1. “Whatever it takes to get him here happy and healthy, to have Kate feeling good, and to have him in my arms…” What a beautiful realization! I remember when my husband and I came to the same point with our first born… She was ten days late, I was ultimately scheduled to be induced, and wouldn’t you know it – I went into labor the night before my induction date! After having my heart set on a “natural” birth, I ended up with a couple of extra medical interventions (pitocin & epidural), but found peace with it all in the end. (Like you said in your previous post, just make sure you ask tons of questions and understand not just what is going on, but why.) Personally, getting the epidural was – for me – a dream. Literally. I took a nap mid-labor! When it tapered off, it was time to deliver and I had all the energy and clear-headedness needed for a safe and speedy delivery! Baby girl was healthy, alert, and not at all affected by either. With our second child I was ready to go “natural”… determined, in fact, after seeing Ricki Lake’s “Business of Birthing” to do it my way and on my own calendar! Turns out Docs won’t deliver a breach baby these days, so after a month of headstands in the pool, funky yoga poses, belly massaging and more, I ended up with an appointment for a cesarean. Again, I’ve found peace with it. In fact, the peace comes pretty immediately… like, the second they put that little naked cherub in your arms and you fall more deeply in love than you ever thought possible. Anyhow, this is probably all waaay too much information than you need to hear form someone you haven’t seen in over thirteen years, but I suppose I just thought I’d send a little empathy your way. It’s an incredible journey and it sounds like you are enjoying it to the fullest! May peace be with you and yours.

    1. No way is it too much information! Love it! My philosophy is that it truly does take a village. There is a wealth of information out there and often times the best is the advice of those who have known you in your life. I read and listen more than I type or say – so please keep the comments coming, subscribe if you would like, and join me on this journey. Thanks Katie!

  2. Balancing preferences and ideal progression with the safety of delivering a healthy son is tricky, but sounds like you are getting the information and then being open and flexible as the events develop, a very comprehensive approach!
    So glad to hear that the little guy’s heart is perfect!He’s got a pretty perfect set of parents, and two sets of absolutely perfect grandparents, so all will be well!

  3. Oh Ryan, I can’t wait for Zig to be born! and don’t worry, any way he gets here will be perfect! I would hope that you and Kate will get to have the experience of a natural childbirth as I did with my oldest… it is such a beautiful, amazing thing… but in the event she gets induced or even has to have a c-section… (did that with the twins) just having you there to support her and be there when he comes into this world.. that will be the most important thing of all… It will be a moment like no other in your life… you will be watching a miracle happen… and it will truly be life-changing… I’m so excited for both of you! But I agree.. he probably has no desire to come out into that cold place you are living in… I think he would much rather be born here in Arizona… todays high was 76!! you will have to bring him to sunny Arizona soon for a visit!! love you guys!! 😉

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