False Alarm

For a few hours it looked as though today was the day.  Suddenly the house and family was at DEFCON 1 as phone calls were made across state lines in preparation for the birth.  Would Frank and Kathy be driving down today?  Should Toni stock the freezer with dinners now?  Should I start putting the iPod speakers and laptop into the hospital overnight bag?

Nope.  False alarm.  Things are settling back to DEFCON 3.

We are going to take a nice walk through College Hill Park to confirm that all is quiet on the Western Front and then I am going to go to the office…and go slightly crazy with anticipation.

3 thoughts on “False Alarm

  1. It’ll probably be tonight then … that should make you calm down a bit. 🙂 Your posts are increasing my odds in the pool, since I haven’t placed my bet yet!

    1. See the RULES AND REGULATIONS, you have to place your bet before Kate goes into labor. Any bets placed after labor begins will not be allowed into the pool.

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