Baby Pool Thunderdome 2011!

Okay, Kate’s brother Mark and my sister Lindsey have been working to get a baby pool going to bet on when Zig will be born.  Since some of have been betting on Facebook and others via text I have decided to help everyone out and host the betting pool here on the blog so everyone can participate in 1 giant blog betting pool.  Here’s the deets ya’ll:

  • Bets must be placed before Kate goes into labor
  • $10 buy in
  • Only friends and family can wager (sorry strangers but there’s money involved)
  • Must bet date and time of day
  • Bets must be placed on blog (no telling me when you see me…you gotta post it)
  • Closest to the date and time is the winner (you can go past your date and time)
  • In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined in a Wii Olympic Contest at our house post baby

To enter simply click on the comment section below and write:

  • DATE
  • TIME

Whoever is closest to the weight will win a side prize courtesy of Kate, myself, and Zig.  By betting in the comment section you are placing a friendly $10 wager that cannot be rescinded so don’t bet (young cousins) unless you have the intent to pay if you lose.  Winner take all.  All payments will be arranged post birth or gradually settled over the course of months at many family gatherings with great laughter and beer.  Kate and I think it should be an all Welsh, Van Steenhuyse, and Gates pub crawl this year for St. Pats in Chicago.  Zig has agreed to come…or at least that is how we chose to interpret his kicking and punching Kate in the bladder and ribs.

The game is afoot!  Place your bets!  Place your bets!  May the winner be victorious and the rest of you wallow in shame!

14 thoughts on “Baby Pool Thunderdome 2011!

  1. YOUR NAME: Heather
    DATE: 1/8/11
    TIME: 6:53 p.m.
    WEIGHT: 7lbs 3 oz

    LOL, don’t worry, this was scientifically derived; however, I am actually rooting for 1/11/11 at 1:11 am 🙂

  2. Name: Tommi/Phil
    date: 1/13/2011
    time: 1:13 pm
    wght: 7lbs 6oz

    (hoping for the 1/1/2011 date too! – the 1/13 is Phil’s bday) GO LUCKY #13 😉

  3. DATE: 1/17/11 (Benjamin Franklin’s 305th birthday!)

    TIME: 11:17 AM

    WEIGHT: 9 LBS. 3 1/2 OZ.

    “Well done is better than well said.”
    –Benjamin Franklin

    I’m betting Zig will be well done, yet still rare.
    Thanks for sharing this journey!

  4. Date: 1/07/11
    Time:11:11 pm
    Weight:9#4oz (sorry Kate)
    Don’t want you to have to wait any longer!

  5. As of now (Saturday the 15th) there is still no baby. The bet is down to 2 people: David and Elly. If there is no baby by Tuesday all bets will be off as Kate and I will be in discussions with the doctor and the doula about induction.

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