Sleep? Who needs sleep? Now step aside giant floating orange bear with rainbow teeth…

Soon after Zig dropped in the belly, contractions have become more and more frequent.  Not the “ooh I think I’m having a contraction…” type.  No, the “Deep breaths…” type.  Last night Kate sat up suddenly on the couch and looked at me.  I (of course) assumed we were having a baby and poised my body to leap into action.  “Something’s different” Kate said.  “What?”  I asked.  She wasn’t sure how to express it.  “Are we having a baby?”  I asked.  “Yes,” she replied “…but not right now.”  I looked at her half panicked and half relieved.  She texted Molly the Doula who advised her to drink plenty of water/Gatorade and get some sleep, and headed upstairs to go to bed.  I haven’t slept in days with anticipation…no way would I be able to sleep tonight.

Every cough, every rustle of the sheets, every everything I was ready to roll.  My left hand dangling off the bed with one finger on my overnight bag as if she was going to say “I think I’m…” and I would already be in the car honking the horn!  I know we’ll have hours at home once contractions start but I suddenly feel completely unprepared and out of sorts.  The uncontrollable has arrived.  As a control freak…this is scary.  Its like the night before leaving on a big trip and you haven’t packed your bags and your flight is in 4 hours.  Ample time to pack but the last-minute anxiety of it all has you running around the house looking for the one lost sock and that hat from 1997.

Must be calm.  Must relax.  Must sleep.  Must make marketing presentation tomorrow and go to menu tasting.  Mmmmmm…menu tasting.

3 thoughts on “Sleep? Who needs sleep? Now step aside giant floating orange bear with rainbow teeth…

  1. I’ve recently been told mexican food really gets the birth process happening. So……..if you’re done waiting, shall we bring over spicy tacos and burritos?

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