Waiting For The World To Change

Today Kate and I enjoyed a relaxing Sunday just the two of us.  It could be the last time we have the opportunity to do that for a long time.  I slept in till 11:30 and would have kept sleeping if Kate didn’t come wake me up for football.  “I don’t want you to miss your Chiefs game,” she said as she coaxed me awake with a hot cup of coffee.  We kicked things off with eggs in a frame, fruit, decaf (preggers), football, and I switched to beer.  After the game there was some Wii activity before grabbing showers and making our way to Serenity Spa for a side-by-side couples massage.  Kate woke me after and asked how it was…I told her the parts I wasn’t asleep for were amazing!  We slid back into our cozy clothes and went directly to Five Guys for burgers and fries…Kate’s favorite!  Then we stopped at Sports Authority and found a great skirt for Kate to wear during the birth, a sipping sports bottle so I can help keep her hydrated, and a yoga strap to help with stretches this week.  We then meandered through back neighborhoods and just talked while poking along at 5 miles an hour.  At home, we slid back in to sweatpants and turned football on in the background.  I assembled a swing for Zig, helped organize a few things in the nursery, and just generally nested.  Its been an amazingly relaxing day, the massage oils still making my toes slippery in my socks!

Tomorrow everything could change…or it could be just another day.  Either way it is go time and things are all pointing towards birth coming soon.  Zig is riding low in the belly as of today and contractions are becoming more frequent, more noticeable, and less fun for Kate.  My stomach is in knots!  Not because I’m scared…I’m just dying with anticipation.  Its like waiting to jump out of a plane.  You’ve gone to skydiving school, practiced on the ground, spoken to other people who have done it, and now it is about to be your turn.  You’re sitting there on this plane about to do something you really want to do but you are scared to death at the same time.  Everything is calm right now.  It is quiet inside.  It is gorgeous outside.  There isn’t a cloud in the sky.  Everything is just great.  But…at any moment the instructor is going to get up and slide open the door to a flying aircraft, look you in the eye, point to the earth below, and yell “go!”  Oh shit!

Its the calm before.  The roller coaster is about to begin and what was once the faint clickety clack of wheels on corkscrew track are now the blaring words “keep all arms and legs inside the car for the duration of the ride!”  Its exhilarating but I am so ready for that first big drop to be over.  I’ll be fine once I am in the thick of it but the waiting is killing me.  Anticipation is a killer.  I married Kate so I would always have someone to talk with – now I am waiting for someone I can play with.  Come on out Zig, daddy’s here.

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