Bing! Turkey’s Done!!!

Yesterday Kate and I were at a holiday party when all of a sudden she looked at me all funny like and grabbed her belly.  I of course gave her the “did your water break” look which has become my response to almost all of her movements.  She smiled and said, “Bing!  Turkey’s Done!”  She then pointed to her belly button which had given up the inny fight and switched over to an outie.  Zig had obviously shifted downward and is getting ready to make his debut any day now.  He is riding low in the belly and is getting quite cramped in there.  A few kicks to the ribs, you can pat his butt pretty easily on the right side of the belly, and when he stretches you can see his elbow as clear as day.  Luna, the cat, loves listening to him in the belly and purrs to let him know he should come out soon.  She has no idea that she is no longer going to be the baby in the family.


Christmas in Kansas!  We went and saw the houses with all the crazy lights before they take them down.  It was amazing living in College Hill for Christmas and seeing all of the neighborhood lit up.  Very festive, occasionally hilarious, and always best enjoyed with egg nog and hot cider.


The office threw us a great baby shower and gave us a gift certificate to Target that we used to buy the crib.  I thought I was walking into a conference call and had no idea it was coming!  I LOVE the people I get to work with in my office, they make my job as rewarding as it can be.


Happy New Years everyone!  See you next year!

8 thoughts on “Bing! Turkey’s Done!!!

  1. Studies show that memory starts to function in the womb and continues to function through the birth experience and into extra-uterine life.

    What happens to him as a newborn will affect him for the rest of his life.

    Treat him gently and with respect.

    1. Kate, myself, and even Todd who commented above have all been a nanny at one point in our lives. Its an area I have experience in and feel totally inexperienced now that it is mine! I can’t even begin to explain the excitement…I’m guessing you know exactly what I’m talking about George. I cannot wait for him to be here in the world where I can interact with him and adorn him with my love.

    1. Thanks for the link Sarah, there is definitely a lot of unnecessary things done at the birth in the mainstream medical society that is traumatic to a newborn. Kate and I have spent months talking to each other, our doctor, the medical staff, and our doula to prepare everyone involved in our birth to be as hands off as possible.

      I highly recommend any parent-to-be do their research and eliminate as much medical automation from the birth process as they are comfortable with. This is my first child so we wanted to give birth at a medical facility to ensure everything was safe for both mommy and baby. If all goes well, I would like to have any future births at home in a calm, intimate, quiet, and nurturing environment. Never be afraid to tell your doctor or any medical staff “no.” This is your baby and his or her future. One of the reasons we were excited to move to Wichita is the Wesley BirthCare Center which is an amazing progressive birthing center.

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