HEY FLUEY!!! Wanna Hold The Baby?

Could be any day now!  2 weeks to go till the due date!  Want to hold the baby when he arrives?  You have to get a flu shot first.  Yep.  I know this isn’t what you want to hear but little Zig can’t get a flu shot so we all have to.  I got mine today and it was a piece of cake.  Call your doctor, go to any of the flu shot locations like CVS, and get a shot.  3 minutes out of your life…keeping babies like mine safe while ensuring you won’t get the flu.  No flu = less feeling crappy.  Less feeling crappy = less crap.  Less crap = less time cleaning bathroom.  Less time cleaning bathroom = more time to bring Kate and I groceries after Zig is born and then holding the baby.  Sweeeeet.

Click HERE to find a flu shot location near you.

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