The Line Between Friends and Family

I cannot lie…as I write this alcohol is still pumping through my body.  Spell check is working overtime.  It is late.  However, I believe we show our true faces in times like these.  Some of us pick fights…others get lovey dovey.  I am the latter.

I am too snookered to try to write well put together sentences so I will be straight forward and to the point.  I blur the lines between family and friends.  It is my “redeeming trait” I am told.  This is because I share my inner personal self with friends in a level of trust usually reserved for family only…much like how I have found the urge to share so much with all of you.  I am comfortable expressing myself.  Today I simply want to express my gratitude to people who accept me for who I am and allow me to know their true selves as well.  I am lucky to have many people like this in my life but tonight I have to single out one of you:

Joey Davidson.  Joe was my best friend from when I was 11 years old.  He (other than my family) was the first person to simply accept me for who I was, let me be myself, and be a great friend.  We remained great friends throughout life.  I am now 31 years old and have moved back to Wichita.  Joe and I have not hung out together on a regular basis for over 15 years…and yet we have picked up like no time was lost.  What is amazing is how much like a brother he still is to me.  We are 2 massively different people who unconditionally support and accept each other.  I cannot tell you how rare that is.  I will say that since moving back to Wichita I have noticed this concept to be a theme…so many people with different ideals from mine who simply respect my lifestyle.  Wichita, KS might be the most accepting city in the U.S.  The most liberal conservative city ever.  Don’t let the politics fool you…this town is liberal in its beliefs while conservative in its voting.  That is special…it is amazing to live among people who are almost without judgment but able to call you on your bullshit.

Joe is my brother.  He does not question my beliefs and I do not question his.  We simply argue and then drink.  At the end of the day he is family.  I hope all of you know the feeling I am talking about.  Is there someone in your life that is like family?  Do they know it?  If not…tell them.  Joe is one of those people in my life that I can openly say “I love you” to and it means as much to me as when I say it to my sister Lindsey.  If there is someone you think of like family, be sure to make them feel that way.  You can never have enough family.

I love you Joe.  Thanks for always being in my corner.  Thank you Kurt, Jen, Scott, Kate, Todd, Mark, Ben, and everyone who isn’t afraid to say “I love you.”  I love you too.

One thought on “The Line Between Friends and Family

  1. That’s a very cool post…although all of them have been, but that one’s very special. I know as well how much Joey has always meant to you and thrilled you have always been so honest about your love of your friends…and family. You’re pretty awesome, Ryan.

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