Merry Christmas!!!

Plain and simple, it was a great Christmas.  Not because of any gift under the tree (though Kate got me GREAT gifts), nor any meal to be had (though we ate like KINGS last night and tonight), and not because of anything that can be acquired by any monetary means.  No.  Just my gorgeous wife and the thought that this time next year there will be presents for a tiny person.  My family is about to grow to 3.  That is very exciting.  I cried watching “A Christmas Story” at the expression on the dad’s face when he gave Ralphie the air gun.  I appreciated Clark Griswald’s attempts to create the ultimate family Christmas.  I understood why our family tree (when I was a little boy) was littered with gifts…what parent can resist bringing utter elation into their child’s life?

Dear Zig,

You will be here any day, and next Christmas you’ll be almost 1-year-old.  You are the last Christmas gift I am waiting for.  Your mother and I have prepared your nursery.  We have folded tiny laundry.  I have installed car seats and tested baby monitors.  There is cuteness everywhere in my house…waiting for you.  You don’t know it yet but you are my son and I love you no matter what you do.  Please quit f’ing around and come out to play.


p.s. Stop kicking your mom in the ribs and leaning on her bladder.  Every time I tell a joke she pees and then winces in pain.

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