Christmas Came From New York!

Our Christmas Tree (2010)

This past weekend 3 of Kate’s friends from NY and 1 from KC stayed with us at our little 2 bedroom house in College Hill.  Fern slept on the couch, Laura and Rhoda shared an air mattress in the baby’s room, and Allison drove back to KC.  Hot water was in high demand, dishes accrued and were washed promptly, conversation was skewed very feminine, and Wichita activities were bountiful.  The girls caught up, went to an estate sale, helped us pick out and saw down a Christmas tree, made milled cider, went to the Donut Whole for maple bacon donuts, went to Mike’s Wine Dive, descended on Bradly Fair, got manicures, marinated a pork loin, threw a dinner party, and helped us trim the tree.  It was a whirlwind weekend!


New Ornament for Zig

I was excited to have them there!  It was like they brought Christmas with them!  We all went to Prairie Pines and tromped through the fields in freezing weather (40 mph winds!) to find our Christmas tree…Zig’s first tree.  After hiking over to the next field I found a tree I liked.  Kate liked it too and I said, “remember where it is and we’ll get this one if we don’t see anything better.”  Kate replied, “got it…its the tree…next to that tree, by those trees.”  I then looked to the rest of the girls who were bundled up in their finest coats and mittens.  Rhoda shouted (muffled) through her scarf, “I think this is your tree!”  I sawed it down immediately and ushered the girls in out of the cold.


Cardinal Santa

A blustery ride home with the tree shifting around on the roof and…tada!  There was a tree in my house!  I strung up the lights on Sunday as the Chiefs got destroyed by the Chargers.  The girls came home and the holidays officially began, at least for me.  Kate and I hung our ornaments, both new and old.  Egg Nogg was aromatically competing with pine for a while but Rhoda’s pork loin, scalloped sweet potatoes, and brussel sprouts won out.  Joey joined us for dinner and we decanted fine wines from the cellar, ports, and I served my homemade peppermint stick ice cream for desert.  Christmas is almost here.  Zig is almost here…the best present of all.  Nesting has begun.  There are diapers, cribs, and strollers in my home.


Life is good.  Scratch that…life is great!

Egg Ornament from Rhoda
Scrappy Bird Ornament from Laura

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