Its The Final Countdown!

It’s the final countdown! I am 3 days away from being home and this is the last event I am doing this year!  Aside from a day and a 1/2 trip for a video shoot I am going to be home at last.  Just me, my wife, the cat, and the belly.  The crib, stroller, car seat, etc. have all been ordered and I have a list as long as Santa’s when I get back of things I need to move, clean, fix, and build.  Its like having a tiny ambassador come to your house.

Ambassador Zig will be arriving at his leisure and demands only the BEST breast milk!  Chop!  Chop!

So we are rolling out the red carpet of cuteness as we prepare his room and shop for his clothes.  I bought a bear zip-up onesie with footies that pretty much is so adorable you instantly vomit.  If the onesie doesn’t make you vomit maybe that last sentence will!

Everyone is begging to know the name but we are holding steady.  We will tell you once he is here.  Till then…its just Zig.  We are 1 month away from due date so hold on…here we go!

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